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At Nicely Counseling Services, our mission is to provide compassionate mental health and lactation services that prioritize the well-being of families as a whole. We believe in the transformative power of authenticity, healing relationships, and working with children to foster a happier and healthier future. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals and families can explore their emotions, overcome challenges, and discover their inner strengths. 

Our Practice

Offers In-office and

Telehealth appointments.


Individual & Family


Clinicians will meet with you  for 45 - 60 minute sessions to address your specific goals.  To improve the overall family system and home environment, counseling can be offered to all family members or to specific dyads, such as parents or couples.



Group Counseling is a structured, short-term service, usually lasting

 8 -15 weeks that addresses specific symptoms or diagnosis shared by all members. This is a great alternative to traditional therapy and often has shorter wait times.



Personalized lactation consultations tailored to your specific needs with ongoing follow-up to address any concerns or challenges you may face.

Educational resources on breastfeeding, self-care, & managing postpartum emotions.

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