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A product of  Boston Children’s Foundation


A group for caregivers & young children who are ready to go from meltdowns to family harmony



He has been crying for an hour.   She hit ANOTHER kid.

Every time you try to soothe them, they run away and scream.

You can't take another day off from work to pick them up from school.

They are high energy: running, jumping, yelling. It never seems to end, even when they are in a good mood.

You are exhausted.       Your relationship is in turmoil.    You've tried everything and they just won't calm down.

In just 12 Rainbowdance© sessions, you and your child will learn how to incorporate songs, stories, and soothing activities into your daily routine to restore happiness & alleviate moments of distress.

Rainbowdance© is ideal for families who want to improve their child's:

  • Ability to manage big emotions

  • Attention span & tolerance for sitting still

  • Control over body movements and impulses

  • Ability to self-soothe when upset

  • Acceptance of caregiver's soothing and support

  • Attachment and trust in others

  • Respect, cooperation, & gentleness with others

  • Confidence in exploring environment and initiating play with peers without experiencing anxiety when separated from caregiver

Rainbowdance© is offered for children ages 2.5-5y & 6-9y with a participating caregiver.


Meet The Leader

Melissa Beane, LMHC, R-DMT is a Child & Family Therapist, who specializes in the treatment of trauma and early childhood disorders. Melissa is certified in Rainbowdance© by the Boston Children's Foundation and is the only endorsed practitioner in Southeastern Massachusetts.

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