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A group for girls who feel insecure or like they don't fit in and are ready to create healthy friendships.


Create Lasting Connections & Meaningful Relationships

They may feel hurt or sad about being excluded from activities, insecure about standing up for themselves, or targeted by peers.
It's painful for them and it's also breaking your heart to see your daughter:
  • Need to stay connected to friendships even when it's unhealthy.
  • Frequently rotate in/out of friend groups often feeling like she doesn't belong.
  • Have difficulty saying 'NO' to peers but feels taken advantage of.
  • Lacking the self confidence to stand up for herself.
In the Bravely YOU! Weekly Group, girls will use:
  • Expressive Arts (painting, tie-dye, murals)
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychodrama & Group Activities
  • CBT Skills

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 Girls (Ages 11 - 13 yrs)
Day and Time - TBD
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Your investment in the Bravely YOU! group will help your daughter learn to:
  • Create healthy, meaningful relationships and say goodbye to toxic ones.
  • Gain practical tools to recognize triggers and work through conflict.
  • Practice working together instead of against each other through the use of creative arts.
  • Grow self-love and confidence in relationships.
Bravely YOU! group therapy is $50 per session* and includes:
  • a safe, supportive environment led by Melissa Beane, LMHC, R-DMT that allows your daughter the space to be her true self
  • expressive art and group activities that allow the opportunity to practice skills learned
  • cost of art supplies & take-home projects
  • Each girl will also create her own personalized T-shirt!
It's time to help your daughter improve confidence and build meaningful, lasting relationships
*Groups may be billed to insurances. Copays, co-insurances, and deductibles may apply. Contact your provider to verify group therapy is a covered benefit. For a list of in-network insurances, click here.

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