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Beat your kids to the Summer Vacation blues by creating a Summer Bucket List!

Family Ideas

Outdoor Movie Night

Family Bike Ride

Backyard Camping

Build an obstacle course

Water Balloon Fight

Play a new board/card game

Go Hiking

Have a Picnic at the Beach

Plant a Garden

Mini-Golf & Bumper Cars

Play Badminton & Fly Kites at the park

Go to a Local Sports Game

Have a Glow-in-the-Dark Sleepover Party

Wash the Cars

Go Geocashing

Kids’ Rainy Day Ideas

Build a Lego City

Write a Story or Comic Book

Rearrange your Bedroom

Play with an Old/Forgotten Toy

Paint a Superhero Mask

Build a Fort & Enjoy Snack Time in it

Make a Scavenger Hunt

Cook Your Own Lunch

Make a Dream-Catcher

Do Yoga or Exercise

Make Sculptures out of Playdough or Kinetic Sand

Tie-Dye Projects

Turn your Living Room into a Movie Theater

Fix Something that is Broken

Learn How to Juggle

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